DutyCAM 3  8GB  Body Worn Camera

Multi Platform - Camcorder, Audio Recorder, Still Photo Camera



A feature rich DutyCAM at an affordable price! A full 100 % more storage capacity then most of the competition and incorporates power IR emitters to boost your recording capabilities during low light incidents. 
The DutyCAM 3 records a full 6 hours of continuous video, far more than needed for a regular shift. Activate the recorder via our unique 2.4 gig wireless controller only when you are interacting with a subject.

Operates with a 400 hours standby time.That right, when fully charged the DutyCAM 3 waits for your next record activation. The internal and rechargeable battery serves as your personal powerhouse.
Our strong and rotatable spring clip makes wearing the DutyCAM 3 easy. Attach it directly in front of your shirt or jacket pocket.
The built in IR illuminator makes recording in subdued or poorly lit areas a breeze. The wireless remote video monitor allows you to confirm that the DutyCAM 3 is set to see in the dark! Operate in the daylight or night time mode, it’s your choice.
The embedded high sensitivity microphone captures both sides of the conversation to insure there is a solid record of the incident.
Trigger the unit via it’s wireless remote control or onboard manual start button. You don’t have to touch the main unit to start recording the incident.